Online Invoicing

Send digital invoices to your customers quickly and easily with Online Invoicing. Completely in your own corporate design. Enable your customers to pay directly and send a reminder when necessary. Online invoicing is safe and meets the requirements of the tax authorities!

Online invoices according to the rules

Drawing up invoices fast and easy is usual business within InformerOnline. Your invoices will meet the requirements of tax authorities and will be numbered automatically. Taxes will be directed to the tax declaration overview immediately. And by registering with the PEPPOL network, you will also meet the requirements of the government!

  • meet all invoice requirements

  • automatic numbering

  • free registration with PEPPOL

Online Invoicing InformerOnline
Easy online payments

Easy online payments

Ease up online payments for your customers and enable them to pay in different ways. Add a QR-code to the invoice. Customers scan this with their banking app to pay. Or allow payment through PayPal or iDEAL. All of these options would not only simplify the process for your customers, but would make you receive the payment quicker as well!

  • QR-code for quick payments

  • add PayPal or iDEAL

Corporate identity

Sales invoices are almost like business cards. It should match your company’s identity. Luckily, you can send all your invoices in your own corporate design if you use InformerOnline. Upload your logo, choose a template or color or just use your own design. Blow away your customers with your professional digital invoices.

  • pick one of our templates

  • corporate logo and colors

  • use your own design

Pick one of our templates!
PEPPOL Invoices

Free PEPPOL Registration

As user of InformerOnline you are able to register for the PEPPOL-network completely for free. PEPPOL allows you to send sales invoices through an extra secured network. That way, you won’t ever have to be afraid of your data being leaked!

TrustedCloud Safety

Trusted Cloud Safety

Trusted Cloud is a safety quality mark developed in cooperation with tax authorities. It shows entrepreneurs which accounting programs are safe and trustworthy. Our program is being re-checked every year to ensure the safety of our customers‘ data!

UBL is a standard

An online invoice will always be sent in UBL format. UBL is the digital alternative of .xml. The biggest benefit of UBL is that the recipients are able to automatically recognize the invoice in the administration. This results in an acceleration of the invoice processing process. When using InformerOnline, receiving UBL invoices is completely natural. Robots will even process them!

UBL is a standard
Sending reminders and summons

Sending Reminders and Summons

Invoices overdue? Send your customer a reminder or summon. InformerOnline helps you managing your debtors and taking action when necessary!

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Benefits of Online Invoicing

Online invoicing is part of all InformerOnline packages. Therefore, purchasing separate invoicing software is no longer necessary.

We decided to list some of the benefits of online invoicing, in case you weren’t convinced yet… 😉

Better than Excel

Many entrepreneurs still use Microsoft Word or Excel to create sales invoices. Programs like these are useful. However, neither Excel nor Word offer the functions an online accounting software does. Wherefore you cannot compare the ease of sending invoices with InformerOnline to the often complex formula’s in Excel. Besides, problems with invoice numbers are history with InformerOnline!

Link invoicing to useful applications

Have your customers pay you immediately with InformerOnline. Just link your PayPal account with your administration and receive the money on your account within seconds! Furthermore, there are many other apps which you could link to your Informer administration. For example with several banks. Would you like to link an application which is not automatically linked yet? Use Informer’s open API code!

Digital invoices always at hand

InformerOnline is a cloud application. This means you could login everywhere at all times. 24/7 access to your invoices makes you a lot more flexible as entrepreneur. Besides, you basically have all your quotations and sales invoices in your pocket. That way you will never lose control over your invoices!

Online invoicing is more safe

Thanks to quality safe marks and initiatives such as PEPPOL and UBL safety of sending invoices would be guaranteed. InformerOnline has been certified by quality marks ZekerOnline and Trusted Cloud. In addition, all Informer users have PEPPOL and UBL to their disposal. That way everyone can be sure about the safety and protection of their data!

Access for accountants and consultants

Are you using InformerOnline? That means your accountant or financial consultant have free access to your administration as well. Therefore, you won’t have to be uncertain about your actions anymore. Because if you’re still not sure about your sales invoices, your accountant is always able to login with his or her own username and password!