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Is Informer for you?

You have started your own business and you are working hard to keep your customers or clients happy. But in addition to all your hard work, the tax authorities also expect you to keep your accounts.

You don’t want to spend too much time on your accounts. After all, you are not an accountant. But accounting often takes more time than you think. And having an accountant take care of it is usually too expensive.

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Easier and Faster!

In a few clicks, you can send professional invoices by email that look exactly how you want them to, whilst being fully compliant with legislation. Customers who don’t pay your invoices receive a gentle reminder within a few seconds and you can send any incoming invoices to your administration via your email or smartphone. The various accounting robots automate a large part of your administration and really keep you up to date. You pay invoices from your accounts, all you need to do is approve it in your bunq app and even your bank administration is updated automatically. You can monitor everything on your smartphone!

All this is possible when you start using InformerOnline.

Designed especially for you

Founder Remco Frühauf started working as an accountant in the 1990s. He noticed that the accounting programs at that time did not work as he would have liked. That is why he developed Informer; the first accounting program to operate on the Mac.

After years of development, he realized that online accounting would benefit businesses even more. InformerOnline was developed with businesses, rather than accountants, in mind.

Over 50,000 users have decided to use Informer and on average, businesses are saving approximately 15 hours of their time by using InformerOnline.
It doesn’t matter whether you still use Word or Excel for your accounts or an offline accounting program. It is probably costing you a lot more time than necessary. Accounting is easier and faster if you use InformerOnline.

Designed for you!

Accounting in four easy steps

Accounting can be divided into four steps. InformerOnline allows you to take care of these steps, swiftly and easily.