Accounting Software for Small Business

Keeping track of your administration is easy, also for Small Business! Informer offers you the opportunity to collaborate with your team even more by doing your accounts together!

  • Collaborate with your team

  • Advanced accounting functions

  • Useful connections

  • Easy, fast and safe

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Accounting Software Small Business
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Collaborate with your team!

When working in a Small Business or SME, you collaborate a lot. Responsibilities are usually separated. One is responsible for invoicing and the other for purchases. Therefore, it would be useful for employees to be able to log in at the same time. If you pick the Informer ‘MKB’ package, several users can be created which have different rights each. Now, everyone can do his own task and you keep track in the app or online as entrepreneur.

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Collaborate with your team
Small Business Accounting Extra Functions

Advanced functions

Small Business Owners like you have different needs as freelancers. Hence, you are able to use extra functions in our SME package. Think of foreign currency and cost centers.

Furthermore, several trading functions such as inventory management, packing slips, summary invoices and orders are made available!

Why Informer?

InformerOnline was designed to help team players in such a way that the accounts can be updated quickly and easily. This way, your team always has the best quality of information and allows you to better substantiate your decisions. Never miss another VAT deadline and always know the answer to any question you may receive. Whether they be asked by the company, the bank, the accountant or the tax authorities.

On average, InformerOnline will save your business 15 hours a month. Two additional days to provide even better support to your team.

Accounting in four easy steps

Accounting can be divided into four steps. InformerOnline allows you and your teammates to take care of these steps, swiftly and easily.