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Smart Online Accounting

Online accounting in 4 easy steps. From sending your sales invoices to filing the VAT return. Quick and easy accounting; no accounting experience needed!

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Smart online accounting package

InformerOnline is a smart online accounting package for self-employed individuals and small and medium sized businesses. You can do your accounts online in just four easy steps. Your finances are perfectly organized and your digital administration is always up-to-date. Are you interested to learn more about the benefits of online accounting and how we can make it as easy as possible for you? Just take two minutes to see how InformerOnline can save you a lot of time and money.

Step 1: Professional invoicing

Your sales invoice is one of the main calling cards of your business. Amaze your customers with your beautiful invoice, in your house style. With InformerOnline you can send your digital invoices in just a few mouse clicks…

Your invoice is sent directly by email from the online accounting program, in PDF and UBL format. Do you want to make it easier for your customers to pay quicker and more easily? Just incorporate a special QR-code into your invoice and link it to one of our payment providers.

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Step 2: Process your purchase invoices

As well as sending invoices, you also receive purchase invoices. Luckily processing these invoices in a modern online accounting package is becoming easier and easier. First you send all your purchase invoices and receipts directly to your accounts via email or smartphone. Then you make sure that all the information on the invoice is neatly incorporated in your accounts and you specify the type of costs involved. An invoice for your phone subscription should obviously be entered as a Telecommunications expense.

But you can also instruct InformerOnline on how to deal with certain invoices. That invoice for the telephone, for example, is received every month. So once you instruct the program how to process the invoice, it will know how to enter it into the accounts for the remainder of the year. Businesses using an online accounting program can save up to 15 hours a month.

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Step 3: Your bank administration!

Once you have neatly entered all your purchase and sales invoices, you can process the payments. When the electronic bank statements of your bank account have been entered into the digital accounts, the BankRobot will automatically check whether it can find a match with the invoices you have entered. You can also provide the robot certain instructions, so that transactions without invoice can also be entered neatly (e.g. when you withdraw money for private purposes).

Processing the bank transactions with your online accounting program again saves you a lot of time. Time you, as entrepreneur, can spend on other useful activities!

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Step 4: Checking and VAT return

InformerOnline instantly calculates the VAT for each purchase and sales invoice. Not only that, it will also enter the VAT in the correct box in the VAT return. This will allow you to always view the VAT return.

It is also possible to have someone else to check your accounts for you, an accountant or a bookkeeper for example. All you need to do is authorize your accountant or bookkeeper and he or she will have free access to your figures.

In addition to the VAT return, InformerOnline also updates all the other overviews after each entry. This means you will always have the most up to date balance sheet or Profit and loss account.

All the benefits of online accounting

As you now have a better understanding of online accounting with InformerOnline, we can take a further look into the benefits of online accounting in general. Many businesses dread the monthly costs of online accounting software. However, this is an investment which will save you time and money in other areas, so that the accounting software is actually paying for itself.

✓ Access your administration anytime, anywhere

With online accounting you only need a browser and a live internet connection to access your administration 24/7, regardless of your location. This can be a real benefit, particularly for self-employed individuals and small and medium sized business entrepreneurs who spend a lot of their time on the road, as the online accounting package offers them much more flexibility. Every lost hour can be spent updating your accounts, regardless of where you are located.

✓ No installation or manual updates required

InformerOnline is Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that maintenance costs and updates are included in the subscription fee. You are therefore no longer responsible for the program updates. Every time your log into InformerOnline, you are automatically given the use of the latest version.

And because you access the accounting program in the cloud, you don’t need to install software on your device. You can always get started immediately!

✓ Online accounting is more secure

Some businesses are wary when it comes to doing their accounts in the cloud. The idea that all the data of your administration is saved on external servers makes them feel unsafe. Still, data entered in online accounts is generally more secure than most off-line solutions. When you use an off-line solution you are responsible for creating the back-ups of your administration. You have a greater chance of losing your accounts in an incident at your work, for example a fire. Many businesses tend to keep the hard drive in the same room as the computer. When you lose your administration, you are no longer compliant with the retention duty imposed by the tax authorities. This can cause major problems.

InformerOnline has the Zeker-OnLine Certificate. This certificate has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch tax authorities and lists the accounting programs that are safe and reliable for online accounting. The certificate comprises of 280 standards in the field of operation, security and privacy. For example, frequent back-ups are made, which are then saved with certified partners. You can always rest assured that the security of your accounts is guaranteed.

✓ Link to the Dutch tax authorities and the Chamber of Commerce

The InformerOnline accounting program has a direct (secure) link with the Dutch tax authorities, allowing you to send your VAT return directly to the tax authorities. There is no more need to log into the website of the tax authorities and enter all the amounts manually. A direct link not only makes it easier to file a VAT return, it also greatly reduces the chances of mistakes.

InformerOnline also has a direct link to the Chamber of Commerce database. For example, if you wish to add a new customer or supplier, simply retrieve the name and address details directly from the database. This saves businesses a lot of time.

In addition to the links with the tax authorities and the Chamber of Commerce, InformerOnline offers many more links, such as links to payment providers, debt collection agencies, salary administrations and invoice recognition software.

✓ Gain a better insight with online accounting

If you use online accounting, your administration will generally be updated much faster. The app also keeps you better informed. Online accounting therefore provides you the means to be aware of your figures and enables you to take better decisions based on accurate information.