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Spend more time doing the work you love and less on accounting

InformerOnline knows that businesses don’t want to spend too much time and effort doing their accounts. That is why we make accounting as easy and quick as possible for you. This way you can spend more time doing the things you really want to do.

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Is InformerOnline for you?

You have started your own business and you are working hard to keep your customers or clients happy. But in addition to all your hard work, the tax authorities also expect you to keep your accounts.

You don’t want to spend too much time on your accounts. After all, you are not an accountant. But accounting often takes more time than you think. And having an accountant take care of it is often too expensive.

You might well wonder whether there is an easier and faster way…

Online Accounting for freelance

  • Fast and easy invoicing.

  • Send invoices and receipts via your smartphone.

  • Automatic processing by accounting robots.

  • 24/7 access, anywhere and anytime

MKB Proof Award 2017

And there is

Just imagine setting up your administration in such way that you can save a large chunk of the hours you are currently spending doing your accounts. That would be great…

In a few clicks, you can send professional invoices by email that look exactly how you want them to, whilst being fully compliant with legislation. Customers who don’t pay your invoices receive a gentle reminder within a few seconds and you can send any incoming invoices to your administration via your email or smartphone. The various accounting robots automate a large part of your administration and really keep you up to date. You pay invoices from your accounts, all you need to do is approve it in your bunq app and even your bank administration is updated automatically. You can monitor everything on your smartphone and can even send your VAT return at the end of the quarter with just one click; no need to stress.

All this is possible when you switch to InformerOnline.

Why is InformerOnline better? Because it was designed with you in mind

Informer started when our founder, Remco Frühauf, started working as an accountant in the 1990s. He noticed that the accounting programs at that time did not work as he would have liked. That is why he developed Informer; the first accounting program to operate on the Mac.
After years of having developed an innovative accounting program, he realized that online accounting would benefit businesses even more. InformerOnline was developed with businesses, rather than accountants, in mind.
Over 34,000 users have decided to use Informer and on average, businesses are saving approximately 15 hours of their time by using InformerOnline.
It doesn’t matter whether you still use Word or Excel for your accounts or an offline accounting program. It is probably costing you a lot more time than necessary. Accounting is easier and faster if you use InformerOnline.

How does it work?

InformerOnline is super easy to use. Did you know that most businesses send their first VAT return with InformerOnline?
The same applies to sending invoices, processing expenses and processing the bank administration. Easy, fast and no stress!
And if you do have a question? Just contact our flexible and expert helpdesk and they will help you in no time via the chat or even via your smartphone. You will receive an answer to your question within five minutes between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.! That is the service you are looking for…

And? Would InformerOnline benefit you?

Of course! The average business could save up to 15 hours per month by using InformerOnline.
These savings alone pays for InformerOnline. Now you don’t need to worry about your accounts, you can focus on other matters that require your attention. For example thinking about what to do with those two extra days off every month…

Are you ready to switch?

If you use InformerOnline you are investing in yourself and in your business. By speeding up or even automating a large part of your accounts, your business has become a lot more professional.

Accounting in four easy steps

Accounting can be divided into four steps. InformerOnline allows you to take care of these steps, swiftly and easily.