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Spend more time doing the work you love and less on accounting

You are busy and there are enough subjects that require your attention. InformerOnline takes care of the accounts while you can focus your attention on your team.

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Is InformerOnline for you?

Your business has grown and you have a great team. Or maybe you just joined an existing team. All in all, you know you need to have your accounts in order, as a messy administration can negatively affect your business.

But that’s easier said than done, right? Taking care of the accounts can be burdensome. Invoices, chasing debtors, doing the bank administration and sending everything to the tax authorities on time. You have obligations towards your team too.

Sometimes you wonder how you can fit everything in one day…

Online Accounting for small business

  • Fast and easy invoicing.

  • Send invoices and receipts via Messenger & Telegram on your smartphone.

  • Automatic processing by accounting robots.

  • Multi-user

  • Optimum safety.

MKB Proof Award 2017

This is how

We know accounting can be difficult sometimes, Remco, the founder of Informer, encountered exactly the same problems when Informer started growing rapidly over 23 years ago. Luckily Remco used these obstacles to learn and develop accounting software that allows you do your accounts faster and easier. As a result, you have more time to focus on the subjects that really help your team forward.

InformerOnline makes it easy to send professional invoices and GetPaidFaster helps monitor your debtors. Use the AccountingRobot and the BankRobot to incorporate any incoming invoices and the bank administration in no time. That will really save you time.

Why is InformerOnline better? Because it was designed with you in mind!

InformerOnline was designed to help team players in such a way that the accounts can be updated quickly and easily. This way, your team always has the best quality of information and allows you to better substantiate your decisions. Never miss another VAT deadline and always know the answer to any question you may receive. Whether they be asked by the company, the bank, the accountant or the tax authorities.

On average, InformerOnline will save your business 15 hours a month. Two additional days to provide even better support to your team.

Are you ready to switch?

If you use InformerOnline you are investing in yourself and in your business. By speeding up or even automating a large part of your accounts, your business has become a lot more professional.