Realtime Banking from your Accounts

Informer and bunq provide businesses more control over their finances.

Paying from your Accounts

Just pay your invoices from InformerOnline. Select the invoices you wish to pay and confirm your payment in your bunq app. The invoices are immediately paid and your bank administration is up-to-date. Easy!

All your transactions directly in InformerOnline

Thanks to the realtime bank link with bunq, you can immediately see all your bank transactions in InformerOnline. That way the balance and your full bank administration are always up-to-date.

Why wait if you can do it in an instant?

You can instantly see your debit card payment in your administration. The way it should be…

bunq together!

  • Paying directly from your accounts

  • Transactions realtime in your accounts

  • BankRobot for automatic entries

  • Bank balance administration always up-to-date

  • Notifications via the chatbot

*) See the bunq website for availability and pricing

How can I set it up?

Check the Quickstart Guide to see how easy it is to link your bunq account to your accounts in InformerOnline.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or require more information.