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Own house style

Select one of the templates, adjust the color and add your logo. Or just use your own letter head paper. Send your professional invoices to your customers with InformerOnline.

Reminders & Summonses

Send a reminder or summons immediately upon the lapsing of a payment deadline. Informer GetPaidFaster™ provides an optimum overview of your debtors and enables you to take immediate action.

Accurate history

View the detailed history of each invoice. This will allow you to see when an invoice or reminder was sent, but also when the customer read the email containing the invoice.

Entering discounts

Enter the desired discount percentage per invoice row and the discount is immediately incorporated in the invoice.

Standard UBL invoice

Each invoice sent with InformerOnline is an UBL invoice. This will allow invoices to be processed more quickly by modern accounting programs.

Directly via email

Invoices can be sent from InformerOnline directly via email.

Recurring bills

Plan your monthly or annual invoices and InformerOnline can even send them automatically for you. So you don’t need to worry about them anymore!

Sending online quotes

InformerOnline makes it easy to send invoices as well as online quotes. Customers can accept quotes online, after which you can immediately create an invoice.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide your customers various payment options by incorporating a link to one of the payment providers. This way your customers can pay easily and will be more likely to pay sooner.

Multi-lingual invoices

Just send customers in other countries your invoices in their language. This way you can always send your customers tailor-made invoices.


Speedy delivery

Immediately send receipts and invoices to the accounts via email, scanner, upload or via your smartphone.

Enclosing appendices

Add appendices, such as delivery notes or order confirmations to incoming invoices. This will allow you to keep everything close at hand.

Enclosing appendices

Add appendices, such as delivery notes or order confirmations to incoming invoices. This will allow you to keep everything close at hand.

Adding preferential categories

Link cost categories to certain suppliers in order to process incoming invoices more quickly.


Informer BankRobot

The Informer BankRobot™ automatically searches for matches between payments and invoices. You can also enter rules in order to automate the next entries.

Informer BankTimeLine

The unique concept and the completely new technology behind InformerOnline BankTimeline make processing bank mutations easy and clear.

Other functions


The dashboard provides a good insight into your administration, as well as a clear overview of the main figures of your accounts.

Smartphone app

The Android or iOs app enables you to see all your invoices, quotes, contact details and main figures. You can also send receipts and invoices directly to the accounts.

Chatting with your accounts

InformerOnline enables you to chat with your accounts via Telegram and Messenger. Ask for figures, forward receipts and invoices and receive accounting notifications.

Smart overviews

The smart overviews of Informer provide you insight into your administration, wherever you are. Informer overviews are simple and easy to understand.


  • 3 Verkoopfacturen
  • 3 Inkoopfacturen
  • 1 Administratie
  • 1 Gebruiker


10per maand
  • Alles onbeperkt
  • Maximaal 30 bankmutaties
  • 1 Administratie
  • 1 Gebruiker


20 per maand
  • Alles onbeperkt
  • Onbeperkt bankmutaties
  • 2 Administraties
  • 2 Gebruikers