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Your administration always up to date

As soon as InformerOnline receives your electronic bank statements, the Informer BankRobot does the rest! Saving you lots of time!

Save Time with the BankRobot

As soon as a bank transaction is entered into the accounts, the Informer BankRobot checks whether it can enter the transaction for you. You can also teach the BankRobot to enter invoices, so you don't have to anymore.

Upload your bank statements

If you want to process all transactions of your bank account, then you should upload your bank statements. In The Netherlands, Austria and Germany you can do this automatically with our real-time bank link with bunq.

Know exactly when your customers pay!

Informer Chatbot

Link one of our payment providers to InformerOnline. You will receive an immediate notification via the Chatbot as soon as your customer pays an invoice via iDeal. You are always instantly informed and your accounts are always up to date.

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