Processing Payments

Keep your bank records updated with InformerOnline. Processing payments is easy peasy thanks to the Informer BankRobot!

Save time with the Informer BankRobot

The Informer BankRobot is able to process payments in two ways. First, it will seek a match between payment and sales- or purchase invoice. But besides that, you could teach the robot chores as well. For example: teach the robot to always place payments from a certain bank account number under the same category. This means Informer learns from you and eventually processes everything automatically!

  • automatic matches between payment and invoice

  • teach the robot anything

BankRobot processed payments
Transactions in your administration

Bank statements online

Feel like processing your bank records? Make sure all your bank statements are online! You can download these transactions can in .MT940 or CAMT.053 format. Thereafter, you can upload these files into your administration. And if you turn out to be an ING, Knab or Bunq client, all of your transactions will be imported automatically thanks to the API-code link!

Your transactions on a timeline

When you use InformerOnline, you will know exactly what is happening on your bankaccount. The “BankTimeLine” shows you all your bank statements in a clear overview. The status of the different mutations is being separated by different colors.

Take a look at the image for an impression of the BankTimeLine.

CAMT-053 is better

MT940 or CAMT.053! Which one should I pick?

If you are unable to use an automatic API link between InformerOnline and your bank, you could download the statements on the website of your bank. After that, it is easy to upload these in your Informer administration. Many people don’t know whether they should download an MT940 or CAMT053 file. Well, we do! CAMT053 has been proved more stable and newer. So our advice would be to always pick CAMT053!

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