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Congratulations, you did it. You started your own business! Did you know that start-ups are perfectly capable of doing their own accounts?

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You started… and what next?

You have started your own business and you are working hard to keep your customers or clients happy. But in addition to all your hard work, the tax authorities also expect you to keep your accounts.

You don’t want to spend too much time on your accounts. After all, you are not an accountant. And having an accountant take care of it is very expensive.

You might well wonder whether there is an easier and faster way…

Fast and easy accounting

Just imagine setting up your administration in such a way that you won’t need to spend too much time… InformerOnline makes it possible. On average, these smart tools will save businesses 15 hours a month. That’s really handy, especially if you are starting up a business. You have approximately two more days to spend on more important matters that really matter to you!

How does it work? Online accounting with InformerOnline…

Online Accounting for start-ups

  • Fast and easy invoicing

  • Send invoices and receipts with your smartphone

  • Optimal safety

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Accounting in four easy steps

Accounting can be divided into four steps. InformerOnline allows you to take care of these steps, swiftly and easily.