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Online Accounting the way you want it…

Spend less time on accounts and more time doing what you love! The smart Informer accounting software allows you to do your accounts easily, fast and safely.

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Do the accounts for your own business.

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InformerOnline allows you to send your invoices, process your expenses and payments.  And the VAT return? InformerOnline also prepares your tax return…

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Fast and Easy Accounting

Spend less time on accounts and more time on doing the work you love!

Easy to Use

Especially designed for self-employed individuals and small and medium sized businesses without accounting experience. It is easy to use and offers all the benefits of professional accounting.

Reliable Accounting

InformerOnline is the first accounting package in the Netherlands to have received the ‘Reliable Accounting’ Certificate from research bureau GBNED.

Safe in the Cloud

Thanks to the Zeker-OnLine certificate, developed in collaboration with the tax authorities, you can rest assured that the safety and privacy of your data is secure.

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Professional invoicing

Your sales invoice is an important calling card. Send your customers a beautifully professional invoice in your house style and always comply with the 12 invoicing requirements of the tax authorities.

Make it easier for your customers to pay by using the special QR-code and a link to one of the payment providers.

More about Invoicing

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Processing Expenses

Just send all your receipts and purchase invoices to the accounts immediately via a unique email address or your smartphone.

After which you specify the type of costs involved for each receipt or invoice. This will provide you a good overview of all your expenses.

More about Expenses

Processing Payments

You will see all the transactions of your electronic bank statement neatly on the BankTimeLine.
The Informer BankRobot then checks which invoices and payments he can automatically enter into your accounts. You can also teach the BankRobot how to do this automatically for you in future.

More about Payments

Real-time Overviews

InformerOnline shows you exactly how your business is doing financially. You can view the latest reports after each change in your accounts.

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No More Lost Invoices

Take a photo of all your receipts and invoices and have access your to your accounts wherever you are.

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Access where ever you are

You have access to your accounts, any time anywhere, with the InformerOnline smartphone app and chatbot.

Try it for free for 30 days!

Proven Online Safety

Zeker-OnLine Certificate

The Zeker-OnLine Certificate guarantees the best security of your data. The Certificate has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch tax authorities and shows which accounting programs are safe and reliable.

Informer & bunq together

A real-time bank link, direct payment from your accounts and a special VAT account.

More about Bunq and Informer
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Rapid Support Wherever you are

Help with Chat

The Informer Helpdesk is always at your service when you’re in need. We can ensure that your questions will be answered within 24 hours!

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