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Doing your accounts faster and easier

At the end of 2016, Informer was the first company in the world to launch accounting software with a real-time bank link. Informer focuses on the future, but also respects the past. We will never forget how it all started.

Doing your accounts faster and easier.

Assisting businesses, making accounting faster and easier. That’s what Informer is all about.

Innovation takes us further

In a world full of innovations it’s important to integrate the right solutions. This has allowed us to create an online accounting package that really benefits businesses. InformerOnline has been designed to help businesses deal with their administration and make it easier. This allows businesses to benefit from our platform and do their own accounts.

Honest price

Informer wants to offer a high-quality package for an honest price. The quality of InformerOnline is guaranteed by the Zeker-OnLine Certificate. We also believe in adding value for a fair price. We think that businesses often pay too much for their accounting software.

Help with a capital H

When our users need help, they need help fast. So they can move on and spend more time doing the things they love, accounting probably not being one of them! In doing so, improving response time and monitoring customer satisfaction are essential. Informer values your custom and really wants to help you…. We therefore value the feedback from our customers. So, if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share these with us!