What Informer represents

Taking care of your finances yourself and making this achievable voor freelancers and SMEs/Small Business owners, that is what Informer stands for. We believe that every successful entrepreneur is perfectly aware of his numbers, which is something we would love to be an assistant in. And because we think every entrepreneur should be able to keep track of his finances, we offer the lowest price possible in combination with top quality!

Not the biggest, but the quickest!

Informer is definitely not the biggest company, but we are the quickest innovators. We were the first to launch an online realtime bank connection, the first to support live chats and the first to be able to add QR codes to invoices. Furthermore, we are partners in development of the Dutch tax authorities, which lead to the possibility of paying the tax declaration through online banking!

Development Partner of the Dutch Tax Authorities

The Management Team behind Informer

Not only our company is growing, but also our team!

Get familiar with some of our employees…

Everybody can do his own accounts! That’s what I believe. 25 years ago, I was updating some administrations. I thought this process could be way quicker, cheaper and especially: easier! This exactly what we pursue as Informer.
Making the world of our children stronger: that is what I stand for and it’s necessary. Helping committed entrepreneurs to be successful, in order to give the economy the strength to continue growing. After 25 years Marketing & Sales at Unilever, being a part of the mission of Informer became an irresistible challenge!
When someone says: “that is not possible”, the fun starts for me! I take on every challenge to improve our software every day. Develop things which do not exist yet and improving those things: that’s what I represent!

Being a Sustainable Organization is a choice

Attention for our Surroundings

In our daily business, we are trying to be as sustainable as possible. We believe this is a choice.

Examples of sustainability within Informer.

  • Our office is heated by a ground source pump. This allows us to heat and cool in a C02-neutral way.
  • We are trying our best to be a paperless office. When we do use paper, we use paper with a FSC© quality mark.
  • Rechargeable batteries and sustainable light bulbs are natural to us.
  • We use green energy.
  • The datacenter arranging our hosting occurs in a datacenter using green energy.
  • Using public transport is being stimulated and emphasized.
  • All corporate cars are electric.
Charging point for electric cars
Sustainable office Informer
A water well in Bangladesh

Attention for fellow people

At Informer, we would like to go an extra mile regarding sustainable business.

We allow every foundation with so-called ANBI status to use our program completely FREE.

The Informer Foundation receives a percentage of Informer’s turnover. This budget helps us support people in countries where the basics are not as obvious. For example, we have supported several African children in receiving education and dug a number of water wells in villages in Bangladesh. In 2018, we held a special Christmas Funding. The result? Two full classes of kids in the Kenyan village Mtangani were able to receive education for another year!

More on the Informer Foundation →

Attention for our employees

Informer has a hiring policy which offers everyone a chance: your name, color or background are not what we select on. We look at who you are and what you are capable of. Being yourself and making mistakes is also a part of this.

In exchange, we ask each employee to sign our Code of Conduct, in which we ask for the employee to be a representation for equality of all human, to be socially and ethically responsible, to deal with customers the right way and and to pursue our view on professional integrity.

Rewarding employees with a winter holiday
The history of Informer

An Impressive History

In 1993, our founder Remco Frühauf worked in his own administration office as an accountant. He used Microsoft DOS in combination with accounting software and thought: “This could be done so much easier, right?” After finding a programmer, it didn’t take long before Informer was born.

Informer’s cradle is settled in the year 1993. Entering the market in 1998 with an accessible accounting system for both Mac and Windows, Informer Account started pursuing the mission of making accounting easy. In 2002, another milestone was achieved, as Informer was the market leader in accounting software for Mac. Besides, Informer was chosen as second best program by well-known “PC Magazine”.

From offline to the Cloud

The market of accounting software has been going through many transitions since 1993. Eventually, the world of accounting made the step to the Cloud. In 2010, our online accounting software was released; InformerOnline. It consisted of new techniques, but still had the same goal and functionalities. Hence, our mission has been the same ever since the beginning: making accounting as accessible as possible for the entrepreneurial world.

More information on accounting with Informer →

Van offline naar online boekhouden